Lucy and Ashley get married at the Bear of Rodbrough

The Morning

On arrival at the Bear of Rodborough, in the heart of the Cotswolds, I was greeted by Steve the father of the bride pulling something from the boot of his car while introducing himself as the father of the bride, after some introductions he gave me directions to the where I would find the bride. As I arrived at room one on the second floor of the hotel I could hear some music and laughs and knew instantly this would be a great day of wedding photography. Into the room I went and introduced myself having never met Lucy before I didn't know where the bridal party vibe would be but these guys seemed awesome and well up for a laugh. So straight off the bat I started getting some candid images and also getting some group shots of the girls too. I went down after about an hour knowing I had what I needed and met Ashley, who in I could only describe as being a sweaty mess, he was so nervous I'm not sure he even knew I was there.

The ceremony

Everyone was seated and awaiting the arrival of Lucy, with myself positioned near Ashley at the bottom of the isle I could definitely feel the anticipation as every bridesmaid came through he was almost scared to look back. Lucy was half way down the isle when he finally took a look back for a split second and he looked like the happiest man in the world in that moment even though on the verge of tears, but he held it together. the ceremony went off without a hitch and the hall at the Bear of Rodborough is a lovely little spot too.

The portraits

After everything was all said and papers where signed we done some confetti photos and then off we went Lucy, Ashley and myself to go and get our first round of portraits, Lucy was super keen of these but Ashley on the other hand didn't seem too keen of up for them at all so I let him know I wasn't going to make him feel like an idiot and make him do poses that made him feel awkward. It's just a walk with your new wife and I'll give a little direction here and there, With in minutes we where walking across Rodborough common taking some great images of the two as both of them felt more and more comfortable and started to have fun.

The evening

The whole day in this beautiful Cotswold location went with out a hitch and some amazing photography came from the day with such a great crowed my day was super easy. The evening had an incredible sunset reflecting off the clouds and by this point the Lucy and Ashley were absolute naturals at the portraits and were absolutely smashing it.What a great Cotswold wedding this turned out to be with great weather and a great team to work with too. I hope to get many more weddings like this but remember guys it's your day not mine and we will create the incredible images you dream of.

Black and white photo of a groom and his son on the morning of a wedding in the Cotswolds
Bride and her farther walking down to the ceremony room moments before her wedding in the Cotswolds
Funny moment in the ceremony between the newly wed bride and groom at their cotswold wedding
Confetti photo of the bride and groom after the ceremony at there wedding set in the hills of the cotswolds
Bride and Groom taking a walk holding hands across Rodborough common in the Cotswolds
Speeches photo of the best man at the bear of Rodborough in the Cotswolds
Couple dancing at in the hallway of the Bear of Rodborough in the cotswolds
Child hugs his parents after the cake cutting at their wedding at the Bear of Rodborough set in the Cotswolds
Sunset photo of the bride and groom holding hands and taking a walk across Rodborough common in the Cotswolds
Kiss between the Bride and Room at sunset in the beautiful Cotswolds setting