What can I say about this wedding other than wow! Hannah & Declan are one of the most awesome couple I have had the pleasure of working with, Full of energy and life this wedding day definitely reflected them both. Stonehouse court hotel is set in the heart of the cotswolds in a town called Stroud, it is surrounded by beautiful land scapes and breath taking scenery, with the Stroud canal running along side its gardens. I was lucky to have the honour of being the photographer for such a beautiful wedding set in such a beautiful location for such an amazing couple.

Moody photo of the wedding shoes.
Bride and Brides maids sitting in the garden.
Bride having her make up done on her wedding day
Moody photo of bride getting her wedding make up done.
Photo of the bride and bridesmaids on the morning of the brides wedding day.
Groom on the morning of the wedding day in his blue suit.
Groom teaching the grooms men how to tie a tie.
Groom smiling with his new wedding present.
Groom getting ready on the morning of the wedding with his grooms men.
Wedding present from the bride to the groom.
Bride and mother of the bride on her wedding day.
Bride having her hair styled for her wedding day.
Bride and mother of the bride walking to the wedding venue.
Bride and father of the bride walking down the isle.
Bride and groom on the alter.

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