Grittleton house is an incredible place

Set just out side of chippenham is one of the most magical venues I have been too. When you arrive you are greeted with a long driveway leading right up to the front of an incredible Manor House hosting a myriad of towers and turrets. The sounds are beautifully kept and have some really amazing features. The inside is set over 3 floors with some of the finest architecture including a double stair case, an amazing fireplace and you can see right through to the top of the main tower with balconies on every floor to look back down to the ground floor.

Grittleton house
artistic photo of a Harp at Grittletonhouse
Proposal set up at Grittleton house

The proposal at Grittleton House

Grittleton house was the perfect setting for Ross to propose to Francesca. Having hired in the Cotswold proposal planners every thing looked beautiful and the Harpist Jill was playing some incredible music with her talents. So the couple arrived at Grittleton house and everyone was at their stations hiding out of site. I was in a side room and waited until Ross and Francesca where in position and it was timed perfectly, I stepped out as Ross opened the ring box and dropped to one knee to pop that big question "Will You Marry Me?" and of course Francesca said yes!! and who wouldn't say yes when so much effort had been put into such a beautiful venue. So as always I gave them a few minutes to enjoy the harp and let it all sink in before I introduced my self and congratulated them on their new engagement. We then set off on a small mission taking photos of the couple both candid and slightly posed. I will let the images of these guys at Grittleton House do the talking from here before I start rambling.

Harp in the orangery at Grittletonhouse
proposal set up at Grittletonhouse
Couple at a surprise proposal at Grittletonhouse
Man getting down on one knee to propose at Grittleton house
man on one knee proposing in the orangery at Grittleton house
black and white photo of the newly engaged couple enjoying the grounds at Grittleton house
Couple walking the path way through the garden at grittleton house
couple under the trees at grittleton house
embrace of the couple at Grittleton house
bride to be and her partner walking back to Grittleton house
bride showing off her new engagement ring while they kiss in the grounds of Grittleton house
Couple entering Grittleton House
Couple embracing each other on a balcony at Grittleton house
Couple walking back into the orangery at Grittleton house