Getting those poses right!

So your getting married and you want your photos be it portrait or group photo to look they best they can? Well this is the guid you need. Even if your photographer is an old hand at this like myself or just starting out you can follow the next few very simple steps to make your photos stand out to both you and your friends and family. Now Im not saying no matter what your images will look like they are straight out of vogue or that you had the best photographer on the planet but they will look much better than if you didn't follow these tips. So let's get into the posing tips for your wedding day and keep this blog short for you.

Stand alone portraits for the ladies

Now on your wedding day it wouldn't be uncommon for you to have a portrait or two before you head down to the ceremony so you have some memories of you looking fresh before the tears. Personally I like to do this with some window light or fire off an off camera flash to get the style I have but as for the posing if you are standing its a good idea to to nbc holding something, your bouquet or maybe holding your vail in one hand, potentially your shoes but that's a tough one. If you don't have any off these then one good idea is to pretend you are playing with a marble between your two thumbs and index fingers this takes the what do I do with my hands problem away and a lot of new wedding photographers miss this. Your facial expression is important too, you don't have to be smiling if you would like a more moody vibe but a great tip is to very very slightly tip your head towards the floor and look up with your eyes to the camera this will slightly broaden your eyes and mouth due to some technical camera jargon.

Bride looking longingly out of her hotel window

Lads it's portraits time for you too

Let's keep this super simple. Put down the beer, Take your hands out of your pockets and don't you dear hold them in front of you like your having a group photo at the local football club.. Here's what you're going to do. Stand up very tall as if there's a piece of string coming out of your head, suck the gut in and push your chest out. Your aim is to look like a boss. So as for hands etc, hold something in one hand, your glasses, a pocket watch or even adjust your tie but this is super basic.

Portrait of groom getting ready in his own Cotswolds Home
Portrait of groom getting ready in his hotel room

Sitting for a portrait

Don't worry guys this will look sick if you follow this. Ladies, Relax into the seat, turn about 30 degrees in their direction, if you turn left for example cross your legs with your right leg on top and point your toes, this will bring out the definition in your legs. Guys lean forward put your elbows on your knees, play with that imaginary marble and tilt your head slightly down and eyes up. that simple..

My final tip for getting portraits and group photos to look amazing

This is possibly the most important section guys. The camera and photographer only capture what you do. the easiest way you can bring life to every picture on your wedding day is energy and personality. Don't be afraid to act silly, jump about, make some noise, throw your bouquet in the air or even climb up on something. You really can see when people are having fun in an image compared to when its fake.. My final bonus tip is to get a photographer that you are comfortable with and that you trust. This is super important as it takes a massive stress off you and if you book the right photographer you won't need this guide because they will do it all for you...