Naas Court Farm Wedding of Molly & Calum

Nass Court Farm

This is an incredible venue set in the depths of the forrest of dean in the town of Lydney. This wedding was possibly my favourite of 2023 with so many special moments and so many amazing people. Getting back to the venue, It is a rustic barn with a steel roof and surrounded with beautiful grounds. The staff at Naas Court Farm are super friendly and really really helpful, They go above and beyond to make sure your day is as smooth as possible and you have zero hitches throughout your day.

The wedding day at Naas Court Fram

So....... What can I say. I arrived to cover the getting readies and the energy of the morning was incredible. Everyone was having a laugh and joking about, I slipped right in and we got the pictures going with a few dress shots and shoes, a little make up, a few hair and a whole stack of candid images I was moving around like a wedding photography ninja, everyone seemed at ease with me in the room very soon making my job nice and easy. Molly had put together a great group of suppliers from hair and make up to venue stylists the venue and even the quartet she had through out the day.

Wedding dress hanging on the door at Nass Court Farm
Bride having her make up done at Naas Court Farm
Brides maids seeing the wedding Dress for the first time at Naas Court Farm

Arriving at Nass Court Farm

So once the girls were ready and we had wrestled dad into his suit with a few grumbles we headed to Naas Court Farm to get the show on the Road, I dashed ahead of Molly and the bridesmaids to get a few shots of everyone waiting and also a few quick shots of the groom at the alter too. Nass Court Farm has a bit of a different layout compared to most venues with the seating of the guests to the left and right of the bride and groom rather than to the rear of the room. It does how ever make for some different images than what you would usually get from a wedding and also got me thinking about how to go about it... anyway....... the ceremony went off with out any delay and everyone said yes of course.

Groom having his Tie adjusted at Naas Court Farm
Bridesmaids entering Naas Court Farm
Bride arriving at Naas Court Farm
Bride walking down the isle with her father at Naas Court Farm

Group photos at Naas Court Farm

After the ceremony we moved on to confetti and group photos and I had my work cut out with maybe 70+ guests to organise in to some two line for the confetti photos (I am thinking about how to do this differently as I feel like everyone is doing two lines and its becoming a little generic now to say the least) and then the group photos.... Well this went off without too much of a hitch. However we got half way though and realised we had forgotten Molly's little sister in the large group photo so we dwindled though the rest of the images and finally put everyone back together to redo the everyone image. This isn't the first time someone has been missing from a large group image it is really difficult to make sure everyone is there for it when you have 70+ guests...

Confetti Photo at Naas Court Farm
Group photo with the Uni friends at Naas Court Farm
Family photo at Naas Court Farm

Speeches, Garden games and candid images at Naas Court Farm

The people at this wedding had great energy and loads of personality and that is great for me because if you have ever spoken to me about candid images or and image of a person at all in fact you will know that I am a strong believer that great images come from two things and that's good energy and genuinely enjoying yourself with your photographer. Combining good energy with great music from Arden strings and the great garden games of Naas Court Farm made it super easy for me to get some great candid images of this wedding and its guests. So the speeches went great, plenty of dad jokes and stories of past laughs with each other, A few tears shed and even Molly the bride said a little something too.

Garden games at Naas Court Farm
People Laughing at Naas Court Farm
Groom giving his speech at Naas Court Farm
A toast to the Bride and Groom at Naas Court Farm

Get on the Naas Court Farm Dance floor

What a beautiful first dance..... If you are anything like me you probably aren't too keen on dancing but Molly and Callum smashed it with a great song and a good crowd to watch over them, Naas court farm was a great setting for the dance with plenty of space and the DJ was great too. Half way through the first dance people started joining and having a dance of their own and the music soon changed and the vibe with it. with people dancing away all night.. but there was one more photo we needed.....Sparklers

Bride and Groom having their first dance at Naas Court Farm

Sparklers at Nass Court Farm

So every thing is done, all dancing and the drink is flowing, It is pitch black outside and we have to do the sparklers. Now a lot of photographers will do this a blue hour because believe it or not a lot of photographers are scared to play with lighting in the pitch black but I am always challenging myself and shooting sparklers in pitch black is a breeze....The problem how ever is 70+ people who are more than a few drinks into the night swinging 1000 degree sparklers around and me hoping no one looses an eye because I am sure their would be questions asked. So armed with my flash a very wide lens and a slice of great pizza I set about organising people and to my surprise it went well, no one lost an eye and all the sparklers where lit in time. and the shots look mega!!!

Ill drop it here gang and let the photos do some talking..but down bellow I will drop links to some of the awesome suppliers too.