The Wild Wedding

So gang! I Can say that I have not honestly ever seen a wedding with as much effort as this one had put into it! Will and Kells absolutely smashed it! So the plan was to get married they started planning with small details like activities for guests, cakes and all the good things we love to plan around weddings. With both of them being super creative with a passion for doing things differently! They both soon realised that finding what they wanted for this wedding they had dreamed up wasn't going to be a small task. From what they have told me one of the biggest stumbling blocks was the plates and bowls, now what I haven't mentioned is that this Viking styled wedding was to be biking styled and so they wanted drinking horns and wooden plates and bowls but apparently you can not buy or rent the kind of plates and bowls they wanted so will and kells took it upon them self's to learn how to turn wood! yes you read that correctly they learned to turn wood and spent the next 18 months turning 75 plates and 75 bowls along with the odd goblet too. so now you have an idea of what went into this wedding let's get into it with some piccies and ill explain more about this amazing wedding day as we go.

bride getting ready photo
bride getting into her wedding dress with her sister helping

Getting ready

Now getting ready are always a laugh, In my opinion they are the best part of the day and usually produce some of the best images both the bride and groom will love. surrounded by friends and family, tensions are high and everything is manic. Kells wedding morning was slightly different! Still surrounded by friends and family but super chill, we sat wound eating croissant and drinking tea until well probably about an hour before the ceremony. It was a super chill morning with with some great company.

When I was thinking of a title for this blog post it had to be " The Wild Wedding" With a ceremony in the woods, everyone in Viking style attire, fire pits, smoke bombs, axe throwing and bell tents everywhere just to set the scene for you a little.

Weddings like this one set in the hills of Stroud, Gloucestershire do not come along everyday. Will and Kells loved the camera as much as I loved photographing their wedding. We managed some amazing wedding portraits of these guys but they were not alone, their wedding guests where full of as much energy and the whole wedding day just came together. I hope to photograph more weddings with amazing people like this in the future.

I happened to mention this wedding to the amazing people at Rock n Roll Bride and they could not wait to get the images from me after a little sneak peak so please head over there to read more about it.

Thank you Kell's and Will for letting me Photograph your wedding it was truly and honour!