Planning a proposal

So you are thinking of popping the big question? and that brings about a million questions right? where to do it ? how to find the right size ring? what ring do I even get? well here in this blog we are covering everything you need too know! From picking the perfect place right through to getting the ring and what to do after you have proposed? sound like everything you need ? well read on and pick up my best tips on how to get this done.

Man proposing to woman at the Kings Head Hotel In Cirencester

Where to start with planning your proposal?

Well if you are traditional then I would start by asking her parents for permission, even if you aren't traditional I would start here as daunting as it may be because A: It's a level of respect that you can show to the parents and B: No doubt in my mind they will have some good insight on how to go about it. It's good to do this with a bit of a plan because through this whole thing confidence is key. Maybe take the parents for a nice meal, for a coffee or even pop round to their house and take some nice wine or flowers, you want to be in the best light for this question. Now I wouldn't just jump straight into the question, have a good chat, ask lots of open-ended questions like how's the dog? or do you have any holidays planned? and compliment them too, everyone loves a compliment and once the conversation is running smoothly and you are the good guy swing the conversation to the person at the other side of this proposal and ease your way into it with something like (I think they are amazing and I was hoping you would give me your blessing to married "name in question"?) and let the conversation flow from their I am sure they will have questions and they could be a million variations. But trust me you will feel much better about asking them when it is all over and it is also very character building to do stuff like this too. What if they say no you ask? well its 2023 and I would go a head with it anyway but that's on you to make this choice.

So just to reiterate:

  • Ask for permission
  • Take parents for a meal before asking (if you can)
  • Take a gift but nothing to expensive something like a good wine will do
  • If they say no? you tried and you love this person so go a head anyway
Engagement ring on the woman's finger while man holds her hand at The Kings Head Cirencester

Rings, Rings, Rings!!!

So this part is quite important... Nope very very important! You need to figure out a few things about rings. What size? What metal? What stone? How big of a Stone? There is a lot to get done at this stage, but don't worry here is where you can draft in some help from the parents, best friends and a paper ring measurer, you could also try asking in a round about way but you don't want to go giving the game away do you? So even though I mention the parents they aren't always the best place to start. Try asking the best friend they will have hopefully had this conversation a few times over the years and can probably give you the best insight. Once you have an idea of what ring, you then need to figure out the size but this can be done in a few ways, borrow a ring that you have seen them wear on the same finger, or ask the parents and best friend but my favourite is to get a paper ring measurer and measure the ring finger (one up from the little finger on the left hand) while they sleep, This isn't just accurate but also exhilarating at the same time and once you are done you can throw it away, burn it, swallow it what ever you want but don't leave it laying around.

So what do we do???

  • Find out preferences of rings from friends and family. such as material and stones!
  • Find the finger size and dispose of the evidence.
  • Don't give the game away!


How much do I spend on a ring?

Well I will keep this short! It is up to you? Everyone is different and everyone has different tastes. If you are a baller and have stacks of cash then go all out but if you are more of a modest person like myself treat them but don't go into debt you are about to plan a wedding that will probably be a whole lot more than the ring you are thinking of buying.

Where to buy a ring you ask ?

There are a million places you can go to get a ring, from the high street jewellers like H.Samuel right through to Tiffanys & Co. or even having a custom ring forged in the fires of a far flung volcano. But like I said it's entirely up to you and your budget but I will leave a couple links below for you to check out and have a little look to start getting ideas.

What to do once you have a ring?

Well it's not as easy as just giving it to them to be honest! You need to stash it while you plan and don't I repeat Do not! put it in your sock draw or anywhere in the house, Stash it at work or get your mate to look after it or even their parents. Anywhere but at home or on your person. Now it's time to start planning how you are going to pop this question. Will it be at home, somewhere special to you both, at a posh dinner or even on holiday? these are big choices and don't come easily but you want to get it booked in what ever it is super far in advance. Other questions like will there be music? how do I organise it? Do I do it publicly? oh its a whirl wind of decisions now and you want to move as quick as possible so someone doesn't let it slip. So I would go about starting with the where and get that booked as that's the easy bit. and decide on the rest as you go along. There are companies like The Cotswold Proposal Planners that can really help take the stress away and do most of the planning for you I will pop a link below for them. So I'll move on and break things down a little for you.

  • Stash the Ring
  • Figure out where you are going to do it
  • Consider hiring help with this
Proposal planning services in the Cotswolds

Cotswold proposal planners

I have worked with these guys a lot and really rate their work. They always work really hard to bring you the best experience and leave no stone unturned taking a chunk of the stress out of proposing. These guys are nothing short of proposal experts!

Proposal at home?

This is always a nice intimate setting and completely private too! you can dress the place up and put on some music, dim the lights and light some candles, Even cook them their favourite meal too. But all in all it is just about the two of you. Here is a little list of ideas for you to play with and see what fits for you.

  • Cook a favourite meal
  • Put on some music you both like
  • Dress up a little
  • Get in a really decent wine
  • Get all the candles lit
  • Get on that knee and ask

Proposal somewhere nice?

Logistically a bit more difficult but who can say no to you when you are at their favourite restaurant, on tower bridge in London or even at sun set in a meadow in the breath taking Cotswolds. These are just a few ideas and I will pop some more below but do something they like to do! It is about you both after all.

  • Horse drawn carriage
  • On a flight
  • On top of a mountain
  • On the beach
  • Posh hotel
  • Next to a beautiful lake

Proposal abroad?

Well my thoughts are this could be a logistical nightmare but also a ring is easily concealed and hidden from the person in question too. So I say go for it if you can. Who wouldn't want to be asked while walking on hot sand or hiking through a forrest or even while on a cruise. I would say the Eiffel Tower is a little bit suspect though. But I will pop some ideas below for you.

  • Favourite holiday destination
  • New York
  • Ice land
  • Venice or anywhere in Italy to be honest
  • A vin yard in france

After the question has been asked?

Have a plan for this, go for a drink or stay in a hotel or do something. Once they have said yes then it really is the big part over but you don't want to leave it at just that. Plan to do something you both enjoy after and somewhere you can both chat! no doubt you will want to talk about wedding plans and Ideas for the future or maybe even set a date.

Don't tell a soul!

Don't tell anyone until it is done and then take sometime that day to celebrate together and enjoy the excitement with each other before telling the world. They will understand and you guys will definitely need to let this sink in.

So that's it, by the time you get to this set you will be getting on to planning your wedding and I will be doing another blog on that ver subject shortly so keep and eye out for that. See you soon!