This wedding is definitely some a little different to your normal. I won't go on to much because well Im a photographer and not a journalist. I have never seen so much effort put into a wedding, these guys done everything form finding the location and hiring the giant bell tent to clearing the woods for their ceremony and they even learned to turn wood on a lathe so they could make all the plates and bowls them selfs. After many delays and many ups and downs these guys finally made it down the isle in style just the way they meant it to be! Congratulations guys and I hope I did you proud as your wedding photographer.

Lace back wedding dress.
Bridal make up portrait
Wedding make up being done in Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire wedding photography
Photo of bride having her wedding make up done.
Bride having her wedding make up done and laughing.
Photography of wedding flowers in Gloucestershire.
Bride being fitted into her wedding dress.
Funny photo of bride on her wedding day laughing.
Hair stylist making a start on the brides hair.
Funny photo of the bride showing off her wedding hair.
Group of people waiting for the bride and groom to arive.
Bride cuddling her father on her wedding day.
Bride having fun with her dad.
Guests arriving at this elopement wedding in Gloucestershire.

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